“Guitarist Inbar Fridman’s mellow tone and melodic approach makes for a vibrant collection of original jazz.”

JOHN BARRON, The jazzword

“Generating a sound that is ego-less and chamber-like, lyrical, beautiful, and tranquil, underlain by vibrant energy and momentum.”

DAN MCCLENAGHAN, all about jazz


Thrilled to be  part of MOAV- playing instrumental covers for old Hebrew song. All arrangements by Eli Benacot. Check it out.


24.02 Moav @Mizmor Givat Washington 6PM
01.03 Moav @Shablul Tel Aviv 9PM
14.02 Moav @Beit HaYotzer Tel Aviv 9PM
07.12 Moav @Beit HaYotzer Tel Aviv 9PM
20.11 Moav @Festival Stav Modi’in 4PM
18.11 Moav @ Lehavim Jazz club Lehavim 9PM
31.08 Beit Ha’amudim Tel Aviv 9PM
01.07 The Deck, Maoz Aviv Tel Aviv 8PM