Inbar Fridman is an Israeli jazz guitarist. Inbar performed alongside renowned musicians such as Billy Cobham, Aaron Goldberg, Steve Cardenas, Will Vinson, Myron Walden and Harry Whitaker.
After studying in Rimon school of music, Inbar moved to the US to pursue a BM degree at William Paterson University in NJ.
Moving back to Israel in 2005, she tours regularly throughout Europe and Israel.
In 2013 Inbar released her debut album “Time quartet project”. Collaborating with fellow French band members, the quartet traveled to the foot of the Pyrenees in the south of France. Inspired by the vast French countryside, the CD introduces a very melodic and lyrical Original jazz. It was released on Origin records in 2013 to great reviews and radio plays in the USA.
In 2023, After 30 years of playing primarily instrumental Jazz music, Inbar ventured into a new territory. Presenting lyrics composed and performed by herself, in an acoustic environment of a jazz ensemble, she released her second album as a leader: ‘Shirey A-Hava” . The album portrays  ultra delicate and fragile songs of love’s unfolding endeavors.
The new upcoming release “Early afternoons”, coming out in July 2023, is a collaboration with bass player Shlomi Mantsur, exploring their favorite Jazz standards. Both Shlomi and Inbar are Israeli born and raised musicians. It was only natural they ended up meeting each other outside of where they spent most of their lives: a music school in New Jersey, William Paterson University. During school days, their intense relationship  consisted of daily binges of chocolate chip cookies and OJ, sharing a “General Tsao” dish at the local fast food Chinese restaurant, and practicing jazz standards for hours every day. After college they both went their separate ways, and fell out of touch. Twenty some years have gone by before they bumped into each other on the street one day. Playing together again felt like the most natural thing. They started meeting regularly in Shlomi’s studio in Tel Aviv. Spending  early afternoons together, making new- old music again.
“Guitarist Inbar Fridman’s mellow tone and melodic approach makes for a vibrant collection of original jazz.”
JOHN BARRON, The jazzword
“Generating a sound that is ego-less and chamber-like, lyrical, beautiful, and tranquil, underlain by vibrant energy and momentum.”
DAN MCCLENAGHAN, all about jazz
“time quartet project is like a heartbeat: soft yet determined; full of life yet subtle, and above all, rhythmically entrancing. Inbar Fridman’s guitar is delicate and wise beyond her years.”
Esther Berlinga Ryan, something else reviews
“Inbar Fridman a vraiment, j’insiste, un son que beaucoup doivent lui envier, fluide et très personnel, une vision aérienne de la guitare jazz . Un lyrisme contenu, une écoute des autres musiciens indéniable est la marque de fabrique d’Inbar, pour moi une vraie découverte . “
“You cannot fit her style to any music time period. A very mature and masterly interpreted album came out with her band.”
Serdar Sirtanadolu, Jazz Degrisi Magazine, May 2015.
“Although all the tunes are originals, after playing the album three or four times, it just seems to grow on you…together they have produced a very modern album with no gimmicks, just great playing.”
JGSWA News Letter #142 --June 2013 , Australia